I: when the gods misspell wrath

There is an arc of fire burning across Africa, its flames now scorching the beaches of Europe. Will we recognize the suffering and hope in the journey of these refugees? Or will we raise a wall of steel and drown their faith in the waters of the Mediterranean?

Dr Ettien Enkido, Special Rapporteur to Federation of European States, March 2055, closing remarks at emergency spring summit

Of course I ordered the boats destroyed, and of course it isn’t a solution. But we cannot allow a marauding swarm of illegal migrants to break into our country unchecked. We need time to prepare. There are over six million people trying to get across, and this is only the beginning. We need time.

Glenn Thibault, Minister for State Security for England and Wales, December 2057, in answer to a heckler at a community forum

The genii are not testing our faith or punishing us for some historical wrong. It is worse. It is as if they have absent-mindedly forgotten their role in our lives and – in writing the future – have misspelled wrath and enjoy observing the chaos this brings.

Sidiki Cissoko, parliamentary candidate for Parti Démocratique Sénégalais, campaign speech, 2064

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