Usan Abasi's Lament - Author's Notes

I enjoyed revisiting the world I explored in my first novel, Lament for the Fallen. Ewuru feels a very gentle place when set against the context of 2017.

This short story serves as both a stand-alone companion to the novel’s paperback release on 1 June 2017, and as a bridge between my first and third novels. No prizes for what that story will be about.

If you wish to learn more about ndem-worship in Efik culture, you should visit the Efik Eburutu website at where you will find a wealth of information on their traditions and history. The ceremony and song in Usan Abasi’s Lament are sourced from there.

And, as always, a song to complement the tale:

‘Sirata’, Ma Ya – Habib Koité [Usan Abasi’s Lament]


May 2017