Lament For The Fallen - Playlist

If you would like to immerse yourself further, here is the music playlist along with the relevant scenes where they belong:

  • 'Talibe', The Balladeer — Ismaël Lô [Song for the Fallen]
  • 'Mabemba', Rising Tide — Mokoomba [The Balladeer's song of thanks in the market]
  • 'No Ballads Ballad', Spirit — Geoffrey Oryema [Samara and Joshua talk along the river]
  • 'Dionysus', Untold Things — Jocelyn Pook [Mama's tale]
  • 'Makambo', Exile — Geoffrey Oryema [Setting out on the river to Calabar]
  • 'The Wife of Usher's Well', Broadside — Bellowhead [Samara in the bar in Anacostia]
  • 'Njoka', Rising Tide — Mokoomba [The Song of the City in Calabar]
  • 'Ndayaan', Ndayaan — Omar Pene [Man singing in the road on the tour of Calabar]
  • 'Dem Bobo', Africa For Africa — Femi Kuti [Farinata Uberti's party]
  • 'Rero', The Balladeer — Ismaël Lô [After the massacre]
  • 'Happiness Is', Coming Home — Yungchen Lhamo [Song for the Leaving medley]
  • 'Lubara Wanwa', Laru Beya — Aurelio [Song for the Leaving medley]
  • 'Hard Times', Stone Cold Ohio — Little Axe [Song for the Leaving medley]
  • 'The Rhythm of the Heat', Peter Gabriel — Peter Gabriel [Song for the Leaving medley]
  • 'Dragonfly', Music Food and Love — Guo Yue [Song for the Leaving medley]
  • 'Nabou', The Balladeer — Ismaël Lô [Song for the Return]

The following is the closest I can get on Spotify:

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